Change, the eternal springboard of life!

Embracing change is liberating. This doesn’t go down too well does it. What it brings is a pregnant pause because change needs a change and that’s where the saga begins. There’s an implied change of pace in the very thought of deviation be it from physical appearance, location or social interaction, presence or even emotional connections. For that matter even amusement has a set pattern and that when it starts going downhill. Picture this –  the same set of people doing the same activities all their lives. Chances are you probably have encountered this lot  but did you feel the tremble.

I like to focus on putting my energies into change. Basically disengage from present and be lost in transition. Disengagement at a  mental level rather than at real physical level. So prospecting for new job – disengage from the passion pushing frontiers in present job and re direct into altered focus point.

It’s almost like the rule of thumb but if you can’t spot  the thumb, the rule most certainly is dust ridden. Lift the barriers and the flow is its own uninterrupted, spirited self…without a care for the hurdles and almost gliding over the rocks. Discover freedom , exploration and adventure. In the midst of it all you will find yourself.

Too perfect a path then deviate! Evolve to a happier you. Feeling unwell, alter your lifestyle before the malady engulfs you, wounds needs to hurt and itch for that is how they heal, encounter someone who sucks your energy, blow them off your track; oversize, snip corners or split in half; swimming among sharks, re-navigate to find the dolphins; in a jungle, find means to survive; can’t find your direction, find your destination instead; retread but a different path; reanimate  the lifeless; rejuvenate energy ; remodel space; rekindle colour; renovate inner self ; resurrect your life .

Redefine the context of prefix ‘re’ to manifest in reanimation not repetition. Lose sight of the shores to discover the wonders of the world.


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